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Avoiding and successfully negotiating resolution of business disputes - from employment to unfair competition - can have a massive impact on the bottom line of your company, as well as the lives of everyone involved. My services are designed to help make your life easier.


The last thing most people need is lengthy and costly litigation. Early mediation is a fast, relatively easy, and inexpensive option to exploring resolution. Most successful mediations require a true professional to help the parties reach an agreement meeting the core needs of all parties.


That’s where I come in. With my wealth of experience in litigation and mediation, I’ll help you increase the chance of resolution, preserve your time and monetary resources, and avoid the pain of the courtroom.


Nothing is more precious to your company than your “secret sauce” – and it doesn’t matter whether it is actually a sauce, a proprietary technology, client list, or other piece of intellectual property… It needs to be protected.


I have litigated dozens of trade secrets cases over the years and helped companies craft agreements and policies aimed at proactively protecting their trade secrets.  I am happy to advise you regarding these issues.


The United States was built on the premise that fierce competition be protected and fostered.  But fierce does not mean unfair or illegal.  When someone crosses the line, it simply cannot be tolerated.


With over 25 years of direct experience with unfair competition conflicts at the highest level, I have seen just how far some people and companies will go to short-circuit their business success through unlawful means.  Let me use this experience to your advantage.


Many companies don’t get this part of their business right.  They either assume (wrongly) that noncompete agreements are never enforced.  Or, they institute overly broad agreements that fail to  comply with the law.  As a result, they are often “taken” by former employees who learn their business model, then attempt to leave the company and open up or join a competitive firm, oftentimes by taking employees and clients with them.

I have thousands of hours of experience in drafting restrictive covenant agreements and in enforcing them.  It is why I have two legal treatises on restrictive covenants with my name on them.


If you want to best position yourself to squash this kind of unlawful competition, I’m your solution. After all, they don’t call me “The Noncompete Queen” for nothing!


I’m here to help you navigate the law successfully and secure the best possible outcome for yourself.  Invest in your case by tapping into my extensive subject matter experience.  With decades of time devoted to litigation and significant wins under my belt, you are in good hands.