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Over 20 years of litigating on a national basis for an AM Law 100 firm perfectly positions me to assist you with litigation, advice, counseling, mediation, and problem-solving for business disputes, unfair competition matters, and employment litigation.

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Do You Need Efficient and Rapid Results?

At Jackie Johnson, P.C., I have two focuses: first, helping parties explore resolution of their employment, unfair competition, and general business disputes through mediation using my subject matter expertise, extensive experience on both sides of the bar, and creative “out of the box” thinking. And the second, to provide consulting, advice, and other legal services to assist companies and individuals with ongoing disputes and employment issues and with policy and agreement review and drafting needs. 
Thanks to my 20-plus years as a “big firm” litigator, I am well versed in not only the black-letter law, but also how that law affects and motivates both businesses and employees. Ultimately, what I provide is practical efficient services grounded in real-world experience.



Back in 1996, I participated in my very first business mediation.  I was a “baby” attorney and the attorney on the other side called my boss afterward to comment on my performance.  The partner was impressed and, not surprisingly, ever since then I’ve been a huge advocate of mediation! Out of the hundreds of mediations I’ve participated in, several have concerned high-profile, “bet the company” matters involving unfair competition. I understand how high-stakes mediations work and the best ways to help resolve them.

I am also a certified mediator by the University of Texas School of Law and am a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators.


I offer both full-day and half-day mediations, depending upon the specific needs of your case.

Unfair Competition

After nearly a decade of co-chairing the 150 plus member Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets practice group at Littler Mendelson, P.C. - the world’s largest labor and employment law firm, I have become something of a national expert (some might say nerd) in restrictive covenant agreements, trade secret theft, breach of contract, duty of loyalty, and tortious interference with contract disputes.  My near “encyclopedic” knowledge of state unfair competition and restrictive covenant law allows me to render extremely efficient advice on multistate issues. 
I offer advice and counsel in these areas on an hourly basis to suit your needs.

Restrictive Covenants and Unfair Competition Prevention

You would be hard-pressed to find a lawyer with more experience in non-compete and other restrictive covenants. I have spent thousands of hours drafting multistate-compliant restrictive covenant agreements and related policies targeted at unfair competition prevention. In fact, that’s where I earned my nickname, “The Noncompete Queen”.


I offer drafting services and advice on an hourly basis for your convenience.

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